At the end of last term Kate was pleased to present trophies and certificates for volunteering excellence to P7 pupils from Leverhulme Memorial School in Leverburgh and Sir E Scott School in Tarbert.

The first Volunteer Centre trophy for Volunteering Excellence to be awarded at Sir E Scott School in Harris was presented to Ross MacLeod.


What better way to send a Saturday morning than being in the great outdoors? These 4 young lads from Harris gave up a couple of hours on 31st October to paint a bench at the start of the Marruig>Urgha path in North Harris, and a brilliant job they made of it too.


Mr Ian Scarr-Hall (Amhuinnsuidhe Castle) has once again agreed to offer awards in recognition  of a significant contribution to voluntary effort in Harris. The money which accompanies the Awards  would be used to further the work in which the recipient is involved.

The event at the Volunteer Centre in Tarbert on 7th August was a great success, with several enthusiastic volunteers tackling 400m of plastic piping to make around 400 bait stations for the Shiant Seabirds Recovery Project.

Sir E Scott Saltire Awards

The Volunteer Awards Ceremony was held on 4th June in Lews Castle College, with over 100 attendees. Presented by Volunteer Centre Development Officers Kathryn Macleod and Kate Langley, the Awards aimed to recognise and reward volunteers from Lewis and Harris.

It was the perfect day to be outdoors on Saturday 29th March as Cub packs from all over Lewis descended on the Scaladale Centre to help with the WISE project and to plant trees in the Ardvourlie Woodland for the North Harris Trust.

The Western Isles Support for the Environment (WISE) project continued in Harris last weekend when a small group of primary children and their camera-shy parents walked the Direcleit circular path to collect all the litter ...