This autumn volunteers from Harris and South Uist joined forces to carry out a path maintenance project at Carinish Crofting Woodland, in North Uist. The volunteers worked together to spread gravel in clear drainage channels over a section of the walking trail which had suffered heavy flooding last winter.

That flooding, combined with the exceptionally wet summer, created several impressive mud holes in various path sections. These areas of erosion made the path more difficult to follow, particularly for less experienced, casual walkers. Left untreated, these areas of erosion can continue to grow, eventually making a path unusable.

The WISE Project, with feedback from the Carinish Crofting Woodland committee and SNH, identified the needed maintenance, and secured materials early in the summer, but it wasn’t until autumn that the weather cooperated, giving volunteers an opportunity to carry out the work.

While the volunteers were able to address a few of the worst spots on the path, there’s still plenty of work to be done, both at Carinish Crofting Woodland, and other paths throughout the islands. Although the WISE Project has now finished, Volunteer Centre Western Isles is happy to work with any volunteers or organisations that would like to help make our local walking paths cleaner, safer and more accessible. If you’d like more information, contact your local Volunteer Centre office.